Tipologie Tralicci

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Tipologie Tralicci

Modularity and seriality are the two fundamental aspects of the FUTHURA © system. The Trusses adapt to any type of construction by following these two principles. For the formation of compound profiles starting from the standard ones (TRM 125/1, TRN 170/1, TRV 230/1, TRN 230/1, TRN 275/1 and TRN 275 * / 1) we proceed by tiling or overlapping by junctions made with self-drilling screws for connecting the profiles in pairs.



To guarantee a completely dry installation with a significant reduction in assembly time. The floor is made with GIFAFloor © panels (with a load bearing capacity equal to 2000 kg / m2 at 60 cm pitch) screwed with a maximum interaxis of 60 cm.

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